Offering an Alternative and a Chance

ASPIRE assisting single parents in realizing education is a national nonprofit that supports other cities, counties and states in developing self-sufficient affiliate single parent scholarship programs across the country.  Established in 2008, ASPIRE is modeled after the Single Parent Scholarship Fund of Benton County (SPSFBC) and the Arkansas Single Parent Scholarship Fund (ASPSF).  The ASPSF is the only existing statewide scholarship fund for single parents in the nation.  ASPSF has been highly successful for over 20 years in educating at-risk, low-income single parents.

Local ASPIRE affiliates provide students with an alternative to government-assistance living by providing scholarships to single mothers and single fathers that help students with school and living expenses such as transportation, housing, childcare and utilities.

The program came about as a response to the increasing and severe impoverishment of single mothers and their children.