Click here to see if there is an affiliate for your state.  They will have the full eligibility requirements.  If there is not an affiliate in your area, you will not be eligible at this time.

Click here to see if there is an affiliate in your state.  They will have full eligibility guidelines and the Scholarship Application.

We do not sell, trade or rent information to any third party.  The only information ASPIRE or its affiliates publish is anonymous statistics that encourage fundraising partners.

Most affiliates award Fall and Spring scholarships to full-time students.  Summer scholarships may also be awarded at the discretion of affiliates.  There is no standard dollar amount for scholarships.  It depends on the financial status of the affiliate.  The average scholarship awarded is $500.

Click here to see if there is an affiliate in your state.  Eligible colleges and universities will be listed on the website of the affiliate in your area.  If there is no affiliate listed in your state or area, scholarships are not yet offered.

Click Here to see if there is an affiliate in your area. The affiliate will have volunteer opportunities and sign-up information.  You may also contact us and submit your inquiry.

Click on the Donation Link on the main website or on the affiliate website and follow the instructions.  You can also make a donation by contacting us.

A secure on-line toolkit can be accessed by affiliates that will give assistance in fundraising, marketing, training volunteers or staff, managing operations and for managing the student side of the program.

Annual affiliation dues of $600 are required.

National connections and training, along with ASPIRE’s innovative web-based tools and strategic partnerships, provide affiliates an administrative foundation that allows the focus to be on meeting the needs of scholarship recipients.

If you didn’t find your answers in the above FAQs, please contact us with your questions and we will be more than happy to assist you.